Robi Recharge Offer 2024: Get Minutes, Data, and Call Rate

Robi Recharge Offer 2024 Minutes, Data, and Call Rate

Get the Robi Recharge offer 2024 and enjoy a low-priced call rate, minute, and internet offer for weekly or monthly basis. Robi has come up with some affordable recharge offers to ensure the best service commitment. In this article, we provide the latest updates Robi Recharge call rate offers, minute offers, and the internet offers list. Stay connected and get the offer.

Why Choose Robi Recharge Offers?

Robi recharge offers provide low-priced telecom services. Here are some main reasons to choose Robi recharge pack:

  • Affordable Packages: Robi offers many special packages that perfectly meet your needs.
  • Easy Activation Process: By recharging the exact amount you can easily access your offer.
  • Exclusive Discounts: Enjoy exclusive discount offers by simply recharging the exact amount

Latest Robi SIM Recharge Offer 2024

If you are a Robi SIM user, then this article is perfect for you. In this article, you can find all the special Robi SIM recharge offers. Learn about the offers and purchase your pack by recharging the exact amount.

 New Robi SIM price  2024

Robi Special Call Rate Offer

Robi provides some special call rate offers for their customers. If the customer recharges the exact offer amount, then they can get a 1 paisa call rate offer.

Recharge AmountCall Rate OfferValidity
341 paisa per minute2
241 paisa per minute5
1241 paisa per minute30
2041 paisa per minute60
3041 paisa per minute90
9041 paisa per minute365

If you have a sufficient amount on your Robi SIM, you can enjoy the 48-paisa call rate offer by dialing 12328#. The offer will be available from 11 p.m. to 9 a.m.

Robi Special Minute offer

Robi recharge offer minute

Robi always provides an affordable, minute offer. Customers can buy the minute pack by dialing the USSD code using the MyRobi App. Now you can enjoy the Robi Minute offer by recharging the exact amount. Follow the list below.

Recharge AmountMinute OfferValidity
19 taka23 minute24 hours
29 taka35 minute2 days
59 taka60 minute5 days
69 taka80 minute5 days
99 taka110 minute7 days
129  taka130 minute 30 days
229 taka250 minute30 days
189 taka240 minute15 days
119 taka170 minute7 days
 259 taka310 minute30 days
359 taka550 minute30 days
409 taka640 minute30 days
509 taka750 minute60 days
 689 taka1050 minute90 days

Robi Internet Offer By Recharge

Robi provides low-priced internet services for their customers. If you don’t use the My Robi app or don’t want to use a USSD code, follow the table below. Choose your needed offer by recharging the exact amount from your nearest recharge center or using your mobile banking services.

Recharge AmountInternet DataValidity
58 taka2 GB IMO + WhatsApp + Messenger7 days
45 taka1 GB7 days
108 taka3 GB7 days
199 taka10 GB7 days
798 taka90 GB30 days
818 taka120 GB30 days


Robi Internet Offer list 2024

How to Get Robi Recharge Offer

You can get the Robi recharge offer by simply recharging the exact amount. You can pursue the offer in two ways. First, you can purchase it from your nearest Robi recharge center. Secondly, you can do it using your mobile banking services. Use Bkash, Roket, Nogod, and any local mobile banking service.


Thanks to everyone for reading this article. After reading this article, I think you can get your Robi SIM offer by recharging the exact amount, and enjoying the hassle-free activation process. If you have any problems, please comment below. We are ready to assist you immediately.

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