Low Price Robi Minute Offer With Dial Code । New Offer 2024

Low Price Robi Minute Offer

Dear Robi users, Do you want to buy at a low price Robi minute offer for talking with family, friends, and relatives? You are in the right place now! In Bangladesh 2024, Robi will provide a cheap price per minute pack for their users. In this article, we collect all Robi SIM Minute offers from the Robi official website. And we are going to provide a list of all Robi Minute package with a dial code. You can purchase this minute package easily and enjoy your talking time.

Importance of Robi Minute Offer 2024

In our daily lives, we need to talk on our mobile phones every day for relatives, friends, and professional work. But if there is no offer on our phone, a lot of money will be lost in a few seconds. So we purchase minute offers before talking to others. Robi always offers minute packages at low prices. For this reason, we are more interested in buying minutes.

Type of Robi Minute Offer

In Bangladesh, Robi is the second-largest mobile network operator. More than 58.4 million people use Robi. Most of the users are taking with buy minute offer. Robi always keeps an eye on the customer’s needs and provides these minute offers on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Customers can buy minuta packs for a short-term 1-day offer, a 7-day minute offer, and a monthly package-minute offer.

Now we are going to provide a list of minute offer at a cheap price. You can also purchase these package using our dial code.

Robi Minute offer Short Term with Dial Code

Most people buy short-term, last-minute offers for urgent needs. You can purchase a minute offer for a few hours, like 4 hours, 6 hours, 8 hours, and 24 hours. Customers can buy a minute for 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, 4 days, and 5 days; this is called a short-term minute offer. We collect all short-term minute offers from the Robi website, My Robi App, and other sources. Follow the table below and purchase your minute offer.

Minute offerPrice Dial CodeValidity
10 Minute6 taka*0*1#6 Hours
16 Minute14 taka*123*1419#12 Hours
25 Minute19 taka*123*1927#24 Hours
60 Minute49 taka*123*4970#3 Days
40 Minute29 taka*123*2945#2 Days
70 Minute59 taka*123*59#5 Days

Offers Terms and Condition

  • All Robi Users  can purchase this package.
  • Include all Tax
  • Check on-net minute offer dial *222*2#, t check off-net minute offer dial *222*9#

Robi 7 Day Minute offer

Low Price Robi Minute Offer

Do you want to buy minutes for seven days and talk for weeks? Robi brings you attractive all minute offers. Choose your offer by following the table below and buying minutes easily using the dial code.

Minute offerPrice Dial CodeValidity
80 Minutes69 taka*123*69100#7 Days
130 Minutes99 taka*123*69100#7 Days
95 Minutes+ 512 MB89 taka*121*89#7 Days
25 Minute+ 700 MB +25 SMS58 taka*123*098#7 Days
80 Minutes69 taka*0*1*6#7 Days
95 Minutes59 taka*0*5#7 Days

Terms and Condition

  • All Robi Users  can purchase this package.
  • Include all Tax
  • Check on-net minute offer dial *222*2#, t check off-net minute offer dial *222*9#

Robi 15 Days Minute Offer

If you are a Robi user, you can enjoy low-priced Robi 15-day offers. Below are the offer and dial code. You just chose your offer and bought it with the dial code.

Minute offerPrice Dial CodeValidity
200 Minute159 Taka*123*149#15 Days
260 Minute189 taka*123*189#15 Days

Note: Terms and condition are same you can purchase it many time as you want.

Robi Minute Offer 30 Days with Code

Low Price Robi Minute Offer

We have to buy minutes every month for official work or for daily needs. For this, Robi has come up with attractive monthly internet offers. If you want to avoid the hassle of buying minutes on a daily or weekly basis, the ideal way is to buy minutes on a monthly basis. Follow the table below to choose your ideal minute package and buy your Robi Minute pack using the given dial code.

Minute offerPrice Dial CodeValidity
240 Minute199 taka*123*0199#30 Days
190 Minute169 taka*123*169#30 Days
500 Minute319 taka*123* 307#30 Days
300 Minute229 taka*123*0229#30 Days
140 Minute129 taka*123*0129#30 Days
370 Minute259 taka*123*259#30 Days
575 Minute359 taka*123*358#30 Days
670 Minute409  taka*123*407#30 Days
1050 Minute 639 taka*123*639#30 Days

Terms and Condition

  • All Prepaid or Postpaid customers can buying this package.
  • Package started after confirmation SMS.
  • Include all VAT and Tax.
  • Minute offer check code *222*2#

More Offer

How to Buy Robi Minute Offer?

Robi minute package buying process are simple and easy. You just follow the instruction below and buy your targeted minute package easily:

  • MY Robi APP: The easiest way to buy minutes is through the app. You can easily buy internet or minutes by downloading the app from the Play Store.  Download APP
  • Robi Website: One of the best easy minute offer buying system is using Robi official website. You just register your Robi mobile number and buy your minute package.
  • Dial USSD Code: In Bangladesh, the easiest and most popular way to buy minutes is through dial codes. You can easily buy the minute packs by using our dial code given above.

Robi 8 Minute 5 taka Code

The common and most popular minute offer is 8 minute for 5 taka. Follow the instruction and buy 8 minute offer easily:

  • Dial USSD Code *8666*055#
  • Offer validity only 6 Hours
  • 8 Minute offer start after the activation.
  • Offer check code *222*2#

Robi 40 Minute 29 taka Code

Most of the people purchase 40 minute offer for 2 days this package price is only 29 taka. Follow the instruction below and buy Robi 40 Minute 29 taka offer:

  • Dial the USSD code *123*2945#.
  • Minute offer validity is only 2 days (48 hours).
  • The 40-minute offer starts after receiving the confirmation SMS.
  • Offer check *222*2#

Robi Minute Check Code

How do I check the Robi Minute offer? And what is the dial code to check the minute offer? It is the most common question. Users face this problem all the time. Robi minute offer check code is 2222#.Below are the most usable Robi dial codes that you need to know:

  • Robi minute balance check code: on net *222*2#, off net *222*9#.
  • Robi internet balance check code *3#
  • Buy an internet data code *4#.
  • Robi number check code *2#, *2222#, or *14024#
  • Robi SIM offer code *999#.
  • Robi internet setting code *5#.


Dear Robi users, Today, (May 4, 2024) we give you all a low-priced Robi Minute Offer with a dial code. The all-minute offer is collected from the Robi website, My Robi APP, and other sources. You can make any offer or purchase by using the dial code. If you face any problem buying a minute pack or need any information about this article, feel free to comment below. The Tech Dream 24 team is always ready to reply to your comment as soon as possible.

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