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Banglalink Minute offer

Today, we are discussing a low-priced Banglalink Minute offer with an activation code. In this article, you will find a list of Banglalink short-term, 7-day, and monthly minute packages. All users can purchase any package by recharging the exact amount or dialing the provided USSD code. If you agree to buy an BL affordable talk time pack, So reading continue…..

Banglalink Minute offer 2024

Banglalink is one of the best telecom providers in Bangladesh. It always offers low-priced minute packages for its regular customers. It’sprovides these minute packs with durations ranging from one day to three days, weekly, 15 days, and monthly. All users can easily buy these offers by using an activation code or recharging a sufficient amount.

Today, we are collecting all the low-priced voice pack from the Banglalink official website. You just need to choose your desired minute pack from the list and purchase it using the dial code.

Banglalink Minute Pack for 24 Hours

Sometimes we need to make a short-term call for our important needs. Banglalink offers a variety of short-term voice pack options for their customers. Follow the list below and purchase the plan that suits your needs.

Minutes Price Activation CodeValidity
18 Minutes14 taka*121*14#24 Hours
12 Minutes9 Taka *121*9#

Banglalink 2 Day Minute Offers


Banglalink 2 day minute offer

The two-day talk time package is very important for many users. At this stage, we are ready to provide all low-priced minute offer lists with dial codes. Please look at the table below:

Minutes Price Activation CodeValidity
14 Minutes9 taka*1100*6*1#2 Days
19 minutes12 taka*1100*6*2#
 21 Minutes 14 taka*1100*6*3#
25 Minutes19 taka *121*2019#
28 Minutes17 taka*1100*5#
35 Minutes27 taka*121*27#

BL Minute Offer  for 3 Day

Here is the 3-day talk-time package list for BL users. Look at the table below and make a purchase using the provided dial code.

Minutes Price Activation CodeValidity
40 Minutes37 taka*121*37#3 Days

40 Minutes24 taka*166*40#
45 minutes27 taka*1100*4#
52 Minutes47 taka*121*47#

Banglalink 4 Days & 5 Days minute offer

If you are a BL user and want to buy a 4-day or 5-day voice pack, using the provided dial code and purchase your minute plan.

Minutes Price Activation CodeValidity
55 Minutes37 taka*1100*3#4 Days
65 minutes57 taka*1100*6*4#5 Days
90 Minute77 taka *121*1077#5 Days

Banglalink Weekly Minute offer


Banglalink 80 minute 47 taka validity 7 days

Banglalink 7-Day Minute offer is highly valuable for its users. It offers affordable talk time packages for their weekly voice pack users. Follow the list below to choose your attractive, low-priced minute packs.

Minutes Price Activation CodeValidity
90 Minutes57 taka*1100*2#7 Days

120 Minutes74 taka*1100*6*5#
180 Minutes127 taka*121*127#
80 Minutes47 taka*1100*3#
160 Minutes117 taka*121*117#
220 Minute147 taka*121*147#

Banglalink Minute offer 30 Days

If you want to purchase the Banglalink 30-day minute offer and enjoy monthly talk time at a low-priced call rate, this section is just for you. Now we are going to provide you with the latest 30 day talk time pack list with an activation code.

Minutes Price Activation CodeValidity
220 Minutes197 taka*121*197#30 Days
330 Minutes247 taka*121*247#
400 Minute297 taka*121*297#
500 Minutes337 taka*121*337#
600 Minutes397 taka*121*397#
755 Minutes497 taka*121*497#
1000 Minutes647 taka*121*647#

How to Buy Banglalink Minute Pack?

Are you a Banglalink User and want to buy Minute offer pack? but don’t know about minute offer purchasing process. Don’t worry. Follow this step: You can buy any minute pack easily.

  • Recharge exact amount for purchasing desired talk time pack.
  • Dial the USSD/dial Cod
  • Using My BL app

Download MY BL APP

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BL Minute Balance Check

If you want to check your remaining minute balance? Dial 1211# to check Banglalink minute offer balance or using my BL app. Banglalink all USSD code

Terms and condition about Banglalink Minute Offer

Now we are going to provide you all terms and condition this pack according to BL official website. look at the image below:

Banglalink Minute Offer

BL Special Minute offer 2024

Now we will provide some special voice pack offers with USSD codes. You can purchase these offers and enjoy your talk time offer at a low price.

  • To get the BL 25-minute talk time offer for today at 19 taka, simply dial *121*2019#.
  • To get a BL 220-minute talk time offer for 7 days at 147 taka, dial *121*147#.
  • To get a BL 1000-minute voice call offer for 30 days at 647 taka, simply dial *121*647#.


Thanks for reading this article. In this article, we will provide you with all Banglalink Minute offer with activation codes. All BL users can purchase this pack as many times as they want. If you need any information about this article, please feel free to comment below. Tech Dream 24 is always ready to reply to your comment as soon as possible.

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