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Airtel Minute Offer list

Airtel Minute Offer  2024

Airtel Minute offers play a very important role in our daily lives. Every day, we need to talk to relatives on our mobile phones. In Bangladesh, if you can’t buy a minute pack before you talk on the phone. A few seconds can cost a lot of money. That’s why we buy a minute pack before talking. For this reason, the country’s best network-rich telecom provider, Airtel always offers low-cost minutes to its customers. 

Type of Airtel Minute Offers in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, Airtel is one of the best telecom providers. Airtel is a brand of Robi. Airtel tailors its offers according to customer demand. Airtel Minute offers a short-term (1–5 day) weekly and monthly package at a low price.
We collected minute offers from the Airtel website and apps. Now we are giving you a list of minute offers at an affordable price with an activation code. Read this article carefully, and choose your data pack easily.

Airtel Low-Price Short-Term Minute Offer 2024

Airtel users buy short-term minute packs to talk for a few minutes. The validity of these minute packs is usually 6 hours, 12 hours, 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, and 5 days. Airtel users purchase these packs because the price of these offers is very low. However, many times we don’t remember the dial code to buy minutes.

Airtel 19 minute 14 taka one day offer

Below, we are providing a list of all Airtel short-term minute offers with their respective dial codes. You can dial these codes to purchase minute packs for your daily needs.

Minute OfferPriceDial CodeActivation
10 Minute + 10 SMS6.10 taka*123*301#10 Hours
19 Minute14 Taka*121*014# 24 Hours
27 Minute18 taka*121*18#2 Days
 38 Minute23 taka*121*21# 2 Days
12 Minute8 taka*121*08#2 Days
28 Minute18 taka*121*18# 2 Days
43 Minute28 taka*121*28#2 Days
80 Minute53 Taka*121*53# 5 Days
46 Minute28 taka*121*28#3 Days
62 Minute48 taka*121*48#4 Days
40 Minute34 taka*123*34#3 Days

Airtel Minute Offer 7 Day With Activation Code

Dear Airtel user, if you want to buy a low-priced talk time offer for 7 days, Airtel comes up with a low-priced minute offer for 7 days at a budget-friendly price. Now we are going to provide the latest Airtel 7-day-minute package with an activation code. Follow the list below to get your 7-day-minute offer and enjoy weekly talk-time offers.

Minute OfferPriceDial CodeActivation
77 Minute46 taka*121*46#7 Days
92 Minutes53 taka*121*53#7 Days
196 Minute118 taka*121*0118#7 Days
 160 Minute 93 taka*121*93#7 Days
165 Minute107 taka*123*0107#7 Days
125 Minute74 taka*121*74#7 Days
130 Minute78 taka*121*078#7 Days
88 Minute64 taka*121*64#7 Days

Airtel Minute Offer 30 Days with  Activation Code 2024

The Airtel 30-day offer is very important for users who need a regular voice pack. Airtel always offers low-priced talk time, especially for businessmen, office employees, and individuals who need regular talk time for different reasons. We collect all Airtel affordable price minute packages from the Airtel BD website and other sources. Please refer to the table below to choose your required talk time package for the entire month, and then activate it using the provided dial code.

Minute OfferPriceDial CodeActivation
180 Minute157 taka*123*0157#30 Days
320 Minute207 taka*123*0207#30 Days
460 Minute298 taka*123*0298#30 Days
520 Minute319 takaRecharge30 Days
510 Minute307 taka*123*307#30 Days
1065 Minute639 taka*12*639#30 Days
400 Minute257 taka*121*257#30 Days
675 Minute407 takaRecharge30 Days
835 Minute507 taka*121*507#30 Days
220 Minute169 taka*123*169#30 Days
370 Minute247 taka*123*247#30 Days

Airtel 10 Day Minute offer 129 Taka

Airtel 10 Day Minute offer 129 Taka

Dear Airtel users, Want to get an Airtel 10-day-minute offer? Airtel provides 215 minute talk time offer at 129 taka. You can purchase these offers by recharging 129 taka or dialing 121129#.

Airtel 24 Minute offer 14 taka

Do you want a low price and a short-term talk-time-minute offer? If you recharge 14 taka or dial 121014# and get a 24-minute talk time offer, Offer validation takes just 16 hours.

More Offer

Airtel 40 Minute offer 34 Taka

The most popular minute offer is the 40-minute offer. If you are an Airtel user, then you can get a 40-minute talk time pack for just 34 taka. You can buy this offer by recharging 34 taka or dialing 12334#. 40-minute offer validation is only 3 days.

Airtel 80 Minute offer check code

The Airtel 80-minute offer is one of the most popular talk-time offers in Bangladesh. You can purchase this offer by recharging 53 taka or dialing 12153#. The Airtel 80-minute, 53-taka 7-day offer’s validity is 5 days.

Airtel 7 Day 125 Minute offer Code

Are you looking for an Airtel 7-day-minute offer at a low price? Airtel provides a 125-minute offer for just 74 taka. Customers can purchase these offers by recharging 74 taka or dialing 12174#.

Airtel 400 Minute Offer Pack Code

In Bangladesh, one of the most popular offers is the 400-minute offer. The offer validation period is 30 days. The Airtel 400-minute price is just 257 taka. Customers can purchase these offers by recharging only 257 taka or using the dial code 121257#.

How to Purchase Airtel Minute Offer 2024?

We purchase minutes to talk at a low cost. There are several ways to buy Airtel SIM minutes. Following the steps below, you can easily purchase your minute offers.

  • Select your targeted minute offer.
  • Recharge  the exact minute offer price or use the  dial code.
  • Use the Airtel Mobile App and buy your minute package.

Terms and Condition For Airtel Talk Time offer

Minute offers often have many conditions attached. The terms and conditions of the Airtel Minute Offer are discussed below.

  • Minute offer check code *778*0#.
  • The recharge amount will not go to your main account.
  • VAT, SD, and SC are included in the minute prices.
  • All Airtel user can purchase this offers.
  • Offer start after confirmation SMS.


Thanks for reading this article. I believe that you can choose your Airtel Minute offer for your daily needs. Today we cover all the latest minute pack offers with an activation code. All information was collected from the Airtel official site. If you need more offer, feel free to comment below. Tech Dream 24 is always ready to reply to your comment as soon as possible.

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