Best Airtel Internet Offer 2024। Get low price Data Package

Best Airtel Internet Offer 2024

Airtel Internet Offer 2024 in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, one of the best telecom service providers is Airtel. From December 10, 2010 to December 20, 2024, it provided the best internet services for their customers. Recently, internet package prices have been increasing day by day. But Airtel always keeps its prices affordable for customers. Airtel provides not only a low-priced data offer but also the fastest 4G network. It helps people with their regular internet browsing.

Type of Airtel Internet Offer

From December 2010 until 2024, Airtel has always offered the lowest price and the fastest internet services in Bangladesh. Recently, Airtel provided three validation internet packages following the rules of the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission. The three types of validation are:

  • 3 Days internet offer
  • Weakly Internet Offer ( 7 days)
  • 15 Days internet offer
  • Monthly Data Offer (30 days)
  • Unlimited Data plan (10th year)

Airtel 3 Days Internet offer with Code

Dear Airtel user, Are you looking for a short-term, 3-day internet offer for your urgent internet browsing? In this section, we are going to provide you with the latest 3-day internet offer with an activation code. Follow the table below. Select your targeted plan and purchase using the dial code:

Internet/ MBPriceDial CodeValidation
250 MB19 taka*123*019#3 Days
500 MB29 taka*123*025#3 Days
1.4 GB49 taka*123*049#3 Days
1.5 GB57 taka*123*057#3 Days
2 GB63 taka*123*063#3 Days
3 GB76 taka*123*076#3 Days

Airtel Internet Offer for 7 Days with Code

Airtel 7 day internet offer with code

Airtel 7-day internet package is designed for users who need a data plan for short-term use. These packages offer low-priced data volumes. Airtel 7-day internet offer can be used by students, professionals, and regular users. We collected all 7-day internet offers from the Airtel official website, mobile app, and other sources. Choose any one from the table below and purchase using the dial code.

Internet/ MBPriceDial CodeValidation
1.5 GB89 taka*123*089#7 days
2 GB108 takaRecharge7 days
3 GB114 taka*123*0767 days
5 GB131 taka*123*344#7 days
7GB148 taka*123*148#7 days
10 GB (5 GB+ 5 GB OTT)158 takaRecharge7 days
10 GB199 taka*123*199#7 days
16 GB178 taka *123*178#7 days
 25 GB 248 taka *123*248#7 days
 15 GB + 300 Minute 309 taka *123*309#7 days

Airtel 30 Days Internet Offer with Activation Code

Airtel 30 Days Internet Offer with Activation Code

Are you looking for an Airtel 30-day data pack and an unlimited data plan for the whole month? Now we are going to provide all 30 days of the of the Airtel internet package list with an activation code. If you are a freelancer, teacher, regular internet user, or student, you can purchase this package and meet your needs easily. Follow the table below and choose your monthly data plan.

Internet/ MBPriceDial CodeValidity
250 MB19 taka*123*019#30 days
1.5 GB200 taka*123*200#30 days
2 GB239 taka*123*200#30 days
3 GB264 taka*123*264#30 days
5 GB344 taka*123*344#30 days
7 GB498 taka*123*498#30 days
16 GB497 taka*123*497#30 days
15 GB399 taka*123*399#30 days
20 GB500 taka *123*053#30 days
35 GB549 taka*123*549#30 days
50 GB698 taka*123*698#30 days

Airtel Unlimited Data package

Dear Airtel users, are you looking for an unlimited data package for long-term internet use? You are in the right place now! Airtel brings some unlimeted data packages. Now we are going to provide the latest Airtel unlimited data package with a dial code. Follow the table below and get your Airtel unlimited internet offer.

Internet/ GBPriceDial CodeValidation
25 GB848 taka*121*848#11 years
50 GB1298*121*1298#11 years
75 GB1598 taka*121*1598#11 years

Airtel MB offer Terms and Condition

If you want to buy the Airtel MB offer, you should maintain some terms and conditions. Airtel internet terms and conditions are given below:

  • You can purchase your chosen offer by recharge, exact amount, or dial code.
  • Offer validation starts with receiving a confirmation SMS.
  • All VAT and tax are included.
  • All prepaid users can take advantage of this offer.
  • Data pack check *3#
  • All offer can be used in 2G/3G/4G network.

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How to Buy Airtel Internet Package

The Airtel data plan buying process is very simple and easy. You just follow some steps and purchase your targeted internet offer. Follow the instruction below:

  • Choose the internet offer that matches your budget from the provided list.
  • Recharge your targeted amount or use the activation code.
  • When you receive the confirmation SMS, then you can enjoy your data plan.
  • If you use Airtel then you can get best internet offer

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Airtel Internet offer check Code 2024

We buy internet for our daily work or for various reasons. But we can find out what offers are available on our SIM by dialing a code. But most of the time, we don’t remember this code. The Airtel internet offer check code is 4#. By dialing this code, we can view all our offers. To Check Airtel Internet Balance Dial *12110#

Airtel 1.4 GB 49  Taka with Dial Code

Airtel’s most popular offer is 1.4 GB  internet for only 49 taka. You can purchase this offers as many times as you want. 1.4 GB internet purchasing process are given below:

  • Recharge 49 taka or dial *123*049#.
  • Offer validation takes only 3 days (72 hours).
  • Include all VAT and tax.

Airtel 1 GB 44 taka offer

Airtel provides 1 GB of internet and 10-minute talk time offer for only 44 taka. The offer’s validity is only 3 days. You can activate this offer by recharging 44 taka or dialing 123044#.

Airtel 20 GB internet 30 Days with code

If you are a monthly data pack user, then you can buy 20 GB of internet and enjoy the whole month of internet browsing. You just need to recharge 500 taka or dial 123053# to activate your data plan.


Dear Airtel user, thanks for reading this article. In this article, we provide the latest Airtel internet offer  for 3 days, 7 days, and a monthly data plan list with an activation code. We think you can choose your data plan from the list. If you need any information about this offer list, feel free to comment below. Tech Dream 24 is always ready assist you.      Stay with us 

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