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teletalk internet offer 2024

Are you looking for a Teletalk Internet offer to buy extra and long-term MB at a low price for using an unlimited data plan? stop your search. In this article, we will give you the latest (2024) teletalk MB pack offer at a cheap price. You can buy this internet package using our activation code or the Teletalk Mobile app. We will guide you through both processes for buying the Internet offer

Teletalk MB Offer 2024

In Bangladesh, internet prices are increasing day by day. While other mobile phone operators are increasing their data pack prices day by day, Teletalk is the only local mobile service provider to keep their internet prices available for customers. Previously, the data plan used a multi-term validation date, but in 2024, it used 7 days and 30 days. Teletalk MB package provide are mainly 7 days and 30 days.

Teletalk Internet Offer

Teletalk 7 Day Internet Offer

All teltalk customers now use the 7-day and monthly internet offers. Today, most users use a 7-day data plan. Many times, they spend more money because they don’t know about the 7-day MB offer. If you want to buy a weekly  teletalk MB package at a low price, then follow the table below:


InternetPrice /TakaActivation Code Validation
100 MB9   ৳*111*501#   7


1 GB21  ৳*111*534#
2 GB36  ৳*111*736#
3 GB44  ৳*111*44#
4 GB56  ৳*111*756#
5 GB64  ৳*111*764#
10 GB97  ৳*111*97#
15 GB129 ৳*111*551#

Note: The above data packs are applicable for all prepaid and postpaid customers.

Teletalk 30 Days MB Offer

Internet is very important in our daily life. For this reason, we need an unlimited data connection for our mobile device or computer. Teletalk offers a 30-day data pack at a low price for postpaid and prepaid customers. If you want to buy a monthly data pack, then follow the below table, choose the data plan, dial the activation code, and enjoy monthly internet services:

InternetPrice /TakaActivation Code Validation
500 MB39  ৳*111*503#   30


1 GB59  ৳*111*49#
2 GB93  ৳*111*93#
3 GB139  ৳*111*531#
4 GB176  ৳*111*776#
5 GB201  ৳*111*532#
10 GB239  ৳*111*550#
30 GB344  ৳*111*344#
45 GB445 ৳*111*445#

Note: The above data packs are applicable for all prepaid and postpaid customers.

Teletalk  Internet Package Unlimited

If you are a Teletalk customer and want to buy an unlimited data plan, Teletalk offers an unlimited data plan for its users. Teletalk offers only one data package; you can purchase it once and use it for an unlimited time. Follow the table, dial the activation code, and enjoy your unlimited data package.

Internet PriceActivation CodeDate
25 GB309*111*309# Unlimited

Teletalk 2 GB internet Offer

teletalk internet offer

If you buy a new Teletalk SIM and recharge 17 taka every 15 days in the next 6 months, you will get 2 GB internet for 7 days. As a Bangladeshi mobile network services provider, Teletalk offers a 2GB data plan running every March. This offer is dedicated to Bangladesh Independence Day.

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How to Buy 2 GB Internet offer

You can purchase it from Teletalk Mobile app or dial 11117#


Teletalk Internet Offer check  Code

Internet offers are simple to check. You can use the My Teletalk Mobile app or dial *152#.

Just dial the code, you will receive an SMS, and you will see full Internet information.

Terms and Condition for Internet Offer

  • Both Teletalk prepaid and postpaid users can purchase this pack for an unlimited time.
  • This data volume pack includes VAT and tax.
  • The customer can purchase the pack by recharging a targeted amount or dialing a USSD code.

Download Teletalk Mobile APP : Download Now

Comparison with Other Service Providers

Teletalk is the Bangladeshi telecommunications service provider. The other popular telecom service providers are Banglalink, Robi, Airtel, Grameen Phone, etc. From call rate to internet service, Teletalk is ahead of everyone. Let’s analyze some comparative offers.

Here is the comparison for Internet offer:

InternetOperator NamePrice
1 GB  7 DayTeletalk21 Taka
Grameen Phone69 Taka
Banglalink69 Taka
Robi69 Taka
10 GB7 DayTeletalk97 Taka
Grameen Phone169 taka
Banglalink169 taka
Robi169 taka
45 GB30 DaysTeletalk 455 Taka
Grameen Phone 599 taka
Banglalink599 taka
Robi599 taka


Thanks for reading this article. In this article we are provide Teletalk internet offer with code. All information are updated 2024 and take from from Teletalk official website. You can buying internet without hesitation. If you need any information feel free to comment below.

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