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teletalk bornomala internet offer 2024

Are you a Bornomala user? want to buy a Teletalk Bornomala internet offer at a low price for regular use. This article is just for teletalk bornomal users. In this post, we have presented all the updated Bornamala internet offers and its dial codes for the year 2024. Now you can buy your cheap MB offer buying easily. let’s start;   

Teletalk Bornomala Internet Offer 2024

After passing the SSC exam, students can purchase a Teletalk Bornomal SIM using their SSC roll and registration number. This package is only for students; that’s why Teletalk Bornomala offers low-priced internet and call rates for students. In 2024, all Bornomala users will enjoy low-priced internet for their daily academic and personal internet browsing. Bornomala Internet offers are usually on a 7-day or monthly basis.

Teletalk Bornomala Internet Offer

Bornomala 7 day Internet offer

Teletalk Bornomala 7 day internet offers are generally purchased more by customers. For this, Teletalk always comes with all the attractive offers for these customers. Below are all Bornomala internet offers for seven days in table form with a dial code.

Bornomala Data Package Regular

Internet PriceDial Code Validation
100 MB9 ৳*111*501#             7


500 MB17 ৳*111*717#
1 GB21 ৳*111*534#
2 GB36 ৳*111*736#
3 GB44 ৳*111*44#
4 GB56 ৳*111*756#
5 GB64 ৳*111*764#
10 GB 97 ৳*111*97#
15 GB129 ৳*111*551#

Bornomala 30 Day Internet offer

Most of the Teletalk Bornomala users prefer to buy and use the monthly internet offer. Teletalk always comes with a cheap and attractive offer for monthly internet users. Now we are giving all 30 day  internet offers in table form with a dial code.

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Bornomala  Monthly Data Package Regular

Internet PriceDial Code Validation
100 MB21৳*111*716#             30


500 MB39 ৳*111*503#
1 GB59 ৳*111*49#
2 GB93 ৳*111*93#
3 GB139 ৳*111*139#
4 GB176 ৳*111*776#
5 GB201 ৳*111*532#
10 GB 239৳*111*550#
15 GB276 ৳*111*777#
30 GB344 ৳*111*344#
 45 GB 455 ৳*111*445#

How to Buy Boronamala Internet Offer ?

Bornomala regular 7-day or 30-day internet offer buying process is very easy. You can recharge a sufficient amount of your targeted plan.

Example: “If you buy 10 GB of internet for 30 days, you can just recharge for 239 taka. When you recharge 239 ta, you get a 10 GB data pack for 30 days.”

Or if you have sufficient money to buy a data pack, you can just dial the USSD code. After dialing a USSD code, you get an SMS for confirmation. Now you can enjoy your targeted data plan. If you have a Teletalk APP then you can easily purchase your internet package.

Teletalk Bornomala Combo Pack

Teletalk Bornomala Internet Offer

Bangladeshi telecom operators teletalk always come up with cheap internet and voice call offers. Bornomala combo package offers a minute and internet offer at the same time. Customers who purchase a 7-day or 30-day combo pack can enjoy unlimited time by spending a targeted amount.

Teletalk Combo Package

VolumePriceDial CodeValidation
1 GB + 25 Minute +10 SMS37 ৳*111*116#7 Days
43 ৳ *111*118#30 Days
1 GB + 55 Minute+50 SMS50 ৳*111*102# 7 Days
63 ৳*111*121# 30 Days
1.2 GB150 Minute+120 SMS96 ৳*111*123# 7 Days
101 ৳*111*103# 30 Days
5 GB+ 250 Minute +300 SMS181 ৳ *111*126# 7 Days
199 ৳ *111*104# 30 Days
2 GB +350 Minute +20 SMS 217 ৳ *111*132# 7 Days
 224 ৳ *111*108# 30 Days
5 GB+450 Minute + 50 SMS 286 ৳*111*136# 7 Days
 297 ৳*111*109# 30 Days
10 GB + 100 Minute + 50 SMS 209 ৳*111*107# 30 Days
 10 GB+350 Minute+100 SMS 299 ৳*111*105#30 Days
 12 GB + 500 Minute + 350 SMS 399 ৳*111*110#30 Days
 35 GB + 800 Minute + 100 SMS 548 ৳*111*111#30 Days
 40 GB + 900 Minute + 100 SMS 598 ৳*111*112#30 Days
 50 GB + 1000 Minute + 200 SMS 648 ৳*111*113#30 Days

Bornomala Combo Offer and Buying Process

The Teletalk Bornomala offer and purchasing process are very easy and simple. You can buy it using the Teletalk Mobile app or dial a USSD code. If you want, you can recharge your package amount and get your offer.

Download Teletalk Mobile APP : Download Now


Thank you, Teletalk Bornomal User, for visiting my website. In this article, we will provide all the latest Teletalk Bornomal Internet offer from the Teletalk Official Website. You can buy without doubt and enjoy your data plan. If you need more information feel free to comment below Tech always ready to assist you.

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