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GP internet offer 7 days

GP internet offer 7 days, Are you looking for the fastest 4G GP 7 days internet offer at a low price and want to enjoy internet browsing for a full week? Stop your search! Today, we are presenting Grameenphone most affordable 7-day internet offers. Now, You can easily purchase the GP weekly internet packages by dialing the activation code. So, reading continue….

GP Internet Offer  7 Days (Updated 2024)

Hello Grameenphone users, As per BTRC rule, From 16 October 2023, telecom operators are offering the internet package for only 7 days and 1 month. As a result, the number one network provider, Grameenphone, has updated the validity period of their internet offers to 2024. Now, you can purchase either a 7-day internet package or a monthly internet package. Grameenphone offers a low-priced, 7-day internet package for their regular users.

GP 7 Day Internet Offer Code List 2024

Are you a GP weekly internet user and looking for the latest 2024 GP 7 days internet offer list with an activation code? We are collecting all low-priced GP 7-day MB offers from the Grameenphone official website and other related websites. Now we are going to provide you with a low-priced Grameenphone 7-day data package with an activation code. See the table below, choose your budget-friendly weekly internet package, and purchase it using the USSD code.

Internet OfferPriceActivation CodeValidity
200 MB26 taka*121*3407#7 Days
450 MB51 taka*121*3409#7 Days
512 MB56 taka*121*3413#7 Days
 750 MB 58 taka*121*3415#7 Days
1 GB69 taka*121*3356#7 Days
 2 GB 98 taka*121*3322#7 Days
3.5 GB119 taka*121*3425#7 Days
 4 GB 129 taka*121*3329#7 Days
 4.5 GB 148 taka*121*3262#7 Days
 5 GB 114 taka*121*3344#7 Days
6 GB124 taka*121*3434#7 Days
7 GB (1 GB daily)134 taka*121*3308#7 Days
12 GB198 taka*121*3133#7 Days
 14 GB (2 GB daily) 164 taka*121*3332#7 Days
 15 GB 179 taka*121*3359#7 Days
 15 GB 198 taka*121*3286#7 Days
 40 GB (with bonus) 289 taka*121*3289#7 Days
 3 GB (with bonus) 98 taka*121*3098#7 Days
 10 GB 169 takaRecharge7 Days
 35 GB 249 takaRecharge7 Days
 50 GB 289 takaRecharge 7 Days


GP 7 Days Internet offer Price with Code

Now we are going to provide you GP low price 7 day internet offer. Dial the activation code and purchase the GP 7 day internet offer easily.

Internet OfferPriceActivation CodeValidity
3 GB30 taka*121*5450#7 Days
7 GB130 taka*121*5130#7 Days
12 GB160 taka*121*5645#7 Days
10 GB118 taka*121*5047#7 Days
20 GB190 taka*121*5598#7 Days

How to Buy GP 7 Days Internet offer?

GP internet offer 7 days purchase process is very simple. You can buy the internet package in three different ways. Follow the steps below and purchase your desired 7-day internet package.

  • MY GP App: You can purchase your internet offer using the MY GP app. It’s the best way to buy internet packages.
  • GP Website: Another way is to use the GP official website. First, go to the official website and choose your weekly internet plan. Then, select your payment method using mobile banking and buy it easily.
  • Dial Code: Dialing the code is one of the best and easiest ways to purchase internet offers. If you have sufficient balance, simply dial the specified code to purchase your GP 7 day internet pack.

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GP 2 GB internet 7 Days

GP 2 GB internet regular price is only 98 taka.

GP 2 GB internet 98 taka 7 days

Now we are going to provide 2 GB internet for only 69 taka. It is one of the best low-priced internet offers.

  • GP 32 GB 69 taka.
  • Offer Validity 7 Days.
  • Activation Code *121*3282#
  • All Vat and Tax are included.

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GP 7 days offer 3 GB, 30 Taka

If you are a Grameenphone user and want to get a bonus internet offer, GP provides 3 GB of internet for only 30 taka. You can only purchase this offer once time.

  • GP 3 GB 30 taka.
  • Offer Validity 7 Days.
  • Activation Code *121*5450#
  • All Vat and Tax are included.

GP 7 GB Internet Offer 7 Days

The Grameenphone 7 GB internet offer is one of the best internet offers. All GP users can purchase this offer as often as they want. You can purchase this package by recharging 130 taka.

  • GP 7 GB 130 taka
  • Offer validity 7 days
  • Activation code *121*5130#.
  • All Vat and Tax are included.

GP 10 GB Internet for 7 Days

The Grameenphone 10 GB internet offer for 7 days is usually 169 taka. You can purchase this offer using the MY GP app or recharge 169 taka.

Occasionally, Grameenphone offers a special deal of 10 GB internet for 118 taka. This offer may be available once a month.

  • GP 10 GB 118 taka
  • Offer validity 7 days
  • Activation code *121*5047#.
  • All Vat and Tax are included.

GP 20 GB Internet Offer 7 Days

GP 7 Day internet offer 20 GB

Do you need a lot of MB in 7 days? Then you can purchase the Grameenphone 20 GB internet offer for 7 days. You can get this offer for just 190 taka.

  • GP 20 GB internet at 190 taka
  • Offer validity 7 days
  • Activation code *121*5598#.
  • All Vat and Tax are included.

Grameenphone 7 Days Internet Offer Check code

The GP 7 days internet offer check code is 1211*4#. Go to your mobile phone dial pad, input the USSD code, and touch the calling button. Then you can see your remaining internet balance.

  • Internet offer check code *121*1*4#


Dear GP users, thanks for reading my article. In this article, we are providing the latest GP 7 days internet offer list with a dial code. I think you can easily choose your budget-friendly GP weekly internet package. If you have faced any problems activating the internet offer, feel free to comment below. We are ready to assist you as soon as possible.

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