GP Internet Offer 30 Days । Buy Low Price Data Package

GP Internet Offer 30 Days

GP internet offer 30 days, Today we created the cost-effective GP 30 day internet offer list with an activation code.

In Bangladesh, Grameenphone is the number one telecom operator. Most of the GP customers use the internet for their daily needs. But many users don’t know about the GP monthly data package. That’s why today we collected all GP 30-day internet package lists with an activation code so that you can purchase your budget-friendly package and enjoy Facebook Live, video calls, file downloads and uploads, and HD video streaming smoothly.

GP Internet Offer 30 Days (Updated 2024)

Most Grameenphone users in Bangladesh purchase a monthly internet bundle to enjoy net service for the full month. Grameenphone has change internet pack price and code in 2024. That’s why we have collected the updated 30-day data offer prices and codes from the Grameenphone website. This will help you easily buy the monthly GB package that suits your needs.

GP 30 Days Internet Offer Price & Code list

After the BTRC update in November 2023, GP changed their monthly internet package prices and USSD codes. Below is the updated list of Grameenphone 30-day data volume packages, including their prices and activation codes. See the table below, choose your budget-friendly monthly volume package, and buy it using the USSD code.

GP 30 Days Internet Regular Pack Prize and Code

Internet/ GBPrice USSD CodeValidation
1 GB149 taka*121*3418# 30 Days
2 GB298 taka*121*3458#30 Days
3 GB319 taka*121*3426# 30 Days
7 GB448 taka*121*3334#30 Days
18 GB599 taka*121*3499# 30 Days
30 GB ( daily 1 GB)499 taka*121*3090#30 Days
60 GB (daily 2 GB)598 taka*121*3099# 30 Days
90 GB (Daily 3 GB)749 taka*121*33320#30 Days

GP 30 Days Low Price Internet Package List

Internet/ GBPrice USSD CodeValidation
5 GB80 taka*121*5071# 30 Days
10 GB200 taka*121*5148#30 Days
15 GB250 taka*121*5206# 30 Days
20 GB300 taka*121*5195#30 Days
30 GB400 taka*121*5145# 30 Days
25 GB499 taka*121*3419#30 Days
60 GB699 taka*121*3248# 30 Days
80 GB699 taka*121*3899#30 Days
50 GB498 taka*121*5588#30 Days

Terms and Condition

  • You can subscribe to each of the Grameenphone internet packages by dialing USSD, SMS, the MyGP app, Easynet, WoW Box, Customer Service, and through the GP website or any other Grameenphone recharge Centers.
  • To activate the auto-renew option after subscribing to the package, dial *121*3042#. To deactivate the auto-renew, dial *121*3043#.
  • To check your internet balance, dial *121*1*4#.
  • To cancel your Internet package, dial *121*3041#.
  • Skitto users can’t buy this pack.

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GP 5 GB 80 taka 30 Days

  • Data  Pack: 5 GB
  • Price : 80 taka
  • Validation: 30 Days
  • To activate Dial *121*5071#

GP 10 GB Internet Offer 30 Days

gp internet offer 10 gb 200 taka 30 days

  • Data Pack:10 GB
  • Price : 200 taka
  • Validation: 30 Days
  • To activate Dial *121*5148#

Grameenphone 15 GB 30 Days

  • Data  Pack: 15 GB
  • Price : 250 taka
  • Validation: 30 Days
  • To activate Dial *121*5206#

Grameenphone 30 GB 30 Days

GP 30 GB 30 day 400 taka

  • Data Pack: 30 GB
  • Price : 400 taka
  • Validation: 30 Days
  • To activate Dial *121*5145#

GP 60 GB 30 Days

  • Internet  Pack: 30 GB
  • Price : 699 taka
  • Validation: 30 Days
  • To activate Dial *121*3248#

How to Activate GP 30 Days Internet Offer?

If you don’t know the GP monthly internet package activation process. Follow the step below:

  • Via USSD Code: Open your mobile dial option, enter the exact USSD code, and touch the call button.
  • Via MY GP APP: Open the My GP app, select the internet offer, re-select 30 days, choose your plan, and purchase it. Download My GP APP
  • Via GP Website: Go to the website, select internet, choose your package, click the buy now option, and purchase it, paying the exact amount via the mobile banking system.


Thanks for reading this article. In this article, we provide the latest GP internet offer 30 days price and code list, and the activation process. I think you can easily choose your desired package. If you need any information about this article, feel free to comment below. Tech Dream 24 is ready to assist you.

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