Banglalink Internet Offer 2024 With Dial Code Buy Here!

Banglalink Internet Offer

Looking for the latest Banglalink internet offer at a low price to buy your daily, weekly, or monthly data plan to enjoy your internet browsing? Stop your search! In this article, we are going to provide you with a low-priced regular, 7-days, and 30-days MB offer with a buying code. After reading this article, you can choose your data plan easily and buy with a dial code. So, let’s start…

Why Choose Banglalink Internet Offer?

In Bangladesh, mobile operators are increasing their internet prices day by day. If you are the fastest 4G Banglalink Internet user, you must buy MB for your daily needs. If you buy MB at the regular price without looking at its offers, you will spend a lot of extra money. For this reason, we will provide the latest Banglalink MB offers at an affordable price. All Banglalink users buying these internet offers use the given dial code.

Types of Banglalink Internet offers

Since you are a Banglalink user, you must know that the MB offers in Bangladesh are provided in seven-day and monthly form as of November 2023. Now all users can buy a data plan for 7 days and monthly basis for their regular internet browsing. Banglalink Internet package types are:

  • Short term ( 1 day/24 Hours)
  • Weekly data plan ( 7 Days)
  • Monthly data plan (30 Days)

Banglalink low Price Short Time Internet Offers

Are you looking for short-term or a few hours of internet to browse for your important needs? In this section, we are going to provide you with all 1-day Banglalink MB offers with dial codes. Mind you, all data plans are collected from the Bangalink official website, so you can be 100% trusted when buying your internet. All the short-term Banglalink MB offers are given in the table below.

MB offerPriceActivation Code Validity
2 MB.85 ৳*5000*519#1 Day
3 MB1.5 ৳*5000*518#1 Day
9 MB3 ৳*5000*513#1 Day
12 MB4 ৳*5000*520#1 Day
32 MB9 ৳*5000*529#1 Day
45 MB10 ৳*5000*543#1 Day
60 MB15 ৳*5000*502#3 Day
75 MB13 ৳*5000*543#4 Day

Banglalink 7 Days Internet offer Code List

Banglalink Internet Offer

Most people buy the MB offer for 7 days or weekly. Banglalink provides more internet offers at low prices in these seven-day offers. These users also buy seven-day offers for various reasons to satisfy their internet browsing needs. For this reason, we collected all the low-priced MB offers for 7-day internet users. All the 7 days MB offers are given in the table below:

Internet  offerPriceActivation Code Validity
100 MB19 ৳*5000*522#7 Days
160 MB30 ৳*5000*501#
250 MB75 ৳*5000*517#
1 GB76 ৳*5000*76#
3 GB99 ৳*5000*799#
5 GB108 ৳*5000*108#
7 GB114 ৳*5000*114#
8 GB169 ৳*121*169#
10 GB199 ৳*5000* 199#
13 GB149 ৳*5000* 149#
 18 GB169 ৳*5000*169#

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Banglalink 30 Days Internet Offer Price & Code

Banglalink Internet Offer

If you are a student or professional and always use the internet for various tasks, then you need to buy internet as a monthly package. For the convenience of these users, Banglalink always provides long-term MB offers at low prices. In this section, we are going to provide all Banglalink monthly MB packages with dial codes. All users can buy this package using this dial code. So why you let? Look at the table below and choose your data plan and purchase with a dial code easily.

Internet  offerPriceActivation Code Validity
120 MB50 ৳*5000*523#30 Days
300 MB99 ৳*5000*503#
1 GB210 ৳*5000*581#
1.5 GB275 ৳*5000*511#
2 GB209 ৳*5000*209#
4 GB108 ৳*5000*108#
15 GB299 ৳ *121*299#
20 GB499 ৳*121*499#
8 GB399 ৳*121*399#
35 GB599 ৳*121*599#
50 GB699 ৳*121*699#
80 GB899 ৳*121*899#


Note: “These offers are for Banglalink Prepaid users. If you are a Banglalink Prepaid user, you can buy this package using this dial code as many times as you want during the campaign”.

Banglalink lifetime Internet Package ( 10 Years)

Banglalink offers some life-time (10-year) data packages. All users can buy these packages and use them without difficulty to buy internet. These Banglalink MB offers buy all BL Users.

InternetPriceActivation Code Validity
25 GB849 ৳*121*849#10 Years
50 GB1299 ৳*121*1299#
75 GB1579 ৳*121*1579#

How to activate Banglalink MB Offers

Banglalink MB offer buying process is very simple. Banglalink users can buy this package using activation code easily. All customers can buy this package using Bangalink Moblie app. If you use Banglalink App you can get all exclusive offer.

Download Banglalink APP

Banglalink MB Check code

Most of the time we didn’t use the app. We need check for data plan. Banglalink MB Check code are 5000500#


Thanks to all Banglalink users for reading this article. We think you can choose your targeted plan. In this article, we will provide you with a Banglalink Internet offer for a daily, weekly, and monthly package with a dial code. Mind you, all offers are collected from the Banglalink official website. So it’s 100% real. You can purchase it as many times as you want. If you need any more information about this article, feel free to comment below. Tech Dream 24 is always ready to reply to your comment as soon as possible.

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