SIM MNP Process 2024: Migrate Your SIM Card Easily (All SIM)

SIM Card MNP Process

SIM MNP Process 2024: Using the same SIM number, you can simply move around your SIM number between GP, Robi, BL, Airtel, and Teletalk. Telecommunications is the area that has been largely influenced by the introduction of the Mobile Number Portability (MNP) system, which is based on SIM cards. Because of this innovative approach, it has been very easy for customers to switch between different network providers without the hassle of re-registering their numbers.

In this article, you will learn everything about the SIM MNP process, and therefore, you will be able to change your network provider without any problem.

What is SIM MNP?

SIM MNP means Subscriber Identity Module Mobile Number Portability. It means that mobile users can keep their existing phone numbers even if they switch from one operator (mobile network provider) to another. This will give the user the ability to retain their phone number when changing the service provider, which will ensure more convenience as well as choice in selecting a mobile phone operator. In Bangladesh, this system started on October 1, 2018, following government guidelines.

Benefit of SIM MNP System

SIM MNP (SIM Mobile Number Portability) is a method of changing service providers. Since Bangladesh started the MNP system, SIM company owners have come out of their monopolistic attitude. Conscious people are now turning to SIM operators, who are offering their customers daily internet, minutes, and SMS usage at relatively low prices. For this reason, Bangladeshi telecom operators are always pricing all their services based on customer demand. Thus, business becomes more competitive, and operators try to improve the services and prices offered to their customers.

How MNP works ?

The full form of MNP is M=Mobility, N=Number, and P=Portability. MNP methods mean keeping your mobile number unchanged to move to the other operator.

For example, if you have a Grameen SIM and you want to keep your number, you can move the SIM card to Teletalk or another operator. You can do this using the MNP system. Now you can’t recharge at the GP recharge center; you can recharge at the teletalk recharge center. Because your SIM is now Teletalk. Now your SIM will get a network connection from Teletalk. Even if there is any problem with your SIM, you have to contact Teletalk customer care.

Note: We have taken the Teletalk SIM as an example. It’s not for promotion.

SIM MNP Process in Bangladesh 2024

MNP (Mobile Number Portability) system start in Bangladesh at 1 October, 2018 following by the government guideline. Now any mobile user migrate they are SIM number from any operator with out hassle. To use this method, you need to follow some instructions.

SIM MNP Requirements

If you change your network operator you have need some requirements. Other wise you can’t migrate your SIM number. Following the requirements are:

  • Active SIM card: Must be active while changing SIM operators.
  • NID cards: When you go to MNP with your SIM, you must provide your NID numbers, date of birth, address, and others. For this reason, you need an NID card.

Where to Go for MNP?

If you want to do SIM MNP, then you need to visit the customer care department of the SIM operator you want to switch to. It’s the easy to migrate your SIM. Or, if you going to visit your nearest SIM replacement center.

Our advice is that, in Bangladesh, all divisions and districts have their own customer care centers. So if you go to your nearest customer care center, you will get a better result.

Step to step Guide for MNP System

The MNP process is very easy and simple. Now we will give you some important guidance. If you follow this guide properly, then you can do MNP successfully.

  • Chose New Service Provider: First, you need to choose your migrate SIM operator where you want to switch to your SIM card.
  • Visit Customer care/ SIM replacement center: In this section you go to your chosen new service provider customer center.
  • Provide Required Documents: When you go to your customer care and say your problem, then the customer care manager wants some documents, such as your NID card and your mobile phone. (You must active you SIM card in your mobile).
  • Waiting for activation: When you provided all necessary documents. then the customer care worker starts MNP process work. The activation process needs a minimum of 1 hour.
  • Change your SIM card: When you activate your new SIM card, your previous SIM card is disabled. Now that you have changed your SIM card, enjoy your new operator services.

MNP Terms and Condition

To get MNP services, you must fulfill certain conditions. Otherwise, you will not be able to receive this service. Follow the below instruction before get the MNP services:

  • No matter which operator you switch to, you need to keep your SIM active.
  • If any service or offer is running on your SIM, such as auto-renewal, emergency balance, or incoming caller tone, you cannot MNP your SIM.
  • Once  MNP your SIM card, you can again use it after the next 90 days (three months).
  • For more than four (04) times, you can’t MNP your SIM.
  • You should have at least 20 taka of recharge on your SIM, and it should be done one week before SIM MNP.
  • You can receive this service during office hours from customer care, except on holidays.
  • If the number is currently pending for any legal reason.

SIM Card MNP Price

If you want to migrate your SIM Card, you have to spend some money. It depends on the operator. You don’t have to spend any money if you change operators on a Teletalk SIM only. Previously, it cost 157 taka to do SIM MNP, but now, according to the rules of Bangladesh Telecommunications, it takes a total of 57.75 taka to do SIM MNP at any operator.

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MNP Teletalk

Migrate your SIM to Teletalk very easily. No matter which operator you are with, if you want to port your SIM to Teletalk, you can do it for free. Go to your nearest Teletalk customer care, give your necessary documents, and MNP your SIM in one hour. If you need any information, ask the customer support staff.

MNP Grameen Phone

If you want to go to the best network provider, Grameen Phone, in the country, then you can easily MNP your SIM. You can do this by visiting your nearest  GP customer service center or by visiting your nearest SIM replacement center. If you want, you can do it by visiting the GP MNP website. You can do it from home. The GP migration services charge is only 307.50 taka.

Migrate to GP

MNP Banglalink

If you want to MNP from GP to Banglalink or migrate from any other operator to Banglalink, then you can do it through the MNP method. You will get many attractive offers if you join the best speed network in Bangladesh. If you migrate to Banglalink, you will get instant 5 GB of internet, 30 minutes of talk time, and a 69 paisa call rate offer. If you migrate your SIM to Banglalink, go to the nearest BL customer care center with your NID card and migrate your SIM easily.

MNP Robi

If you want to go to the fastest 4.5G network connection, you can do it through the MNP system. If you migrate to the Robi network, Robi will provide all attractive offers for the new customers. Want to migrate to Robi? Go to the nearest Robi customer care center with your NID card and migrate your SIM in just a few hours.

Reasons for the Cancellation of Mobile Number Portability

There are many reasons for the cancellation of mobile number portability. Below are the main reasons for SIM MNP rejection:

Reasons for the Cancellation of Mobile Number Portability



Dear readers, in this article we are trying to cover what MNP is, MNP benefits, how it works, and the full MNP system. If you read this article, you can successfully migrate your SIM card operator without changing the number. We think this is the complete guide for MNP. If you need any particular information about this article, feel free to comment below. Tech Dream 24 is always ready to reply to your comment as soon as possible with 100% accurate solutions.

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