Airtel Minute Check Code 2024: Check Your Minute Easily

Airtel minute check code

Airtel Minute Check 2024: Check your remaining Airtel minute balance and minute offer instantly using the USSD code. In Bangladesh, many Airtel users don’t know how to check their talk time balance. In this article, we provide an accurate USSD code and all the methods to check your Airtel minutes. To check your minute balance, read this article carefully and follow the instructions provided.

Airtel Minute Balance Check System

How to Check Airtel Minute Offer Balance? This is the most popular question for new or old Airtel SIM users. The Airtel minute check system is very simple. Customers can check it in four different ways. The Airtel talk time balance check system includes:

  • Using the USSD Code
  • Using the My Airtel App
  • Sending SMS
  • Through the Official Website

Now we provide a step-by-step guide to checking your Airtel minute balance. Follow the instructions below and check your minute offer balance.

Airtel Minute Check Using USSD Code

Using the dial code is the most popular way to check the Airtel minute balance. Airtel has provided a USSD code to easily check the minute balance. Customers can use this dial code to check their remaining minute offer balance quickly.

  •  Airtel prepaid Minute balance  Check code is *778*0#
  • Airtel postpaid Minute balance  Check code is *666#

How to Use Dial Cod to Check Airtel Minute Balance?

Dial code using process is very simple. If you have an Android phone or button phone, follow the instructions below to check your Airtel Minute balance.

airtel minute check code

  • Open your mobile dial pad.
  • Enter the USSD code for prepaid *778*0# or for postpaid *666#
  • Press the calling button.

After a few seconds, you can see your Airtel minute balance on your mobile phone screen.

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Airtel Minute Check Through App

If you are a Smartphone user then you can check your minute offer balance using the App. It is on of the easiest ways to check Airtel remaining minute balance.

How to Use Airtel App to Balalnce Check?

f you want to check your minute balance through the Airtel app, you should download the app and use an internet connection. Follow the instructions.

  • Go to your smartphone’s Play Store.
  • Search My Airtel
  • Click the download button to start the automatic download and installation process.
  • Once the download is complete, sign in using your Airtel number.
  • After signing in, you will see your remaining minute balance displayed on your mobile phone screen.

Download Airtel App

Airtel Minute Offer Check Code

Airtel sometimes offers attractive, low-cost minute offers for their customers. These offers are provided through SMS. However, if customers delete these messages for any reason, they can’t purchase the Airtel minute offers. That’s why Airtel has provided a USSD code to check out the Airtel Minute offers.

  • To check the available minute offers for your Airtel SIM, simply dial *0#.

Airtel Important USSD Code– Everything You Need To Know

As a mobile user, you have to remember many dial codes. If you are an Airtel SIM user, then you need to know many USSD codes in your daily life. If you remember these codes, you can easily check your minutes, internet, SMS, or balance and buy low-priced offers. Let’s know all the important dial codes at a glance.

  • To check your own Airtel SIM number, simply dial *2#.
  • To check your main balance or emergency balance, simply dial *1#.
  • To get Airtel emergency balance, minute and internet, dial *141# or *8*
  • To check your internet balance, dial *3#.
  • To check your current internet offer, dial *4#.
  • To activate or deactivate VAS, dial *5#.
  • To check your tariff plan, dial *6#.
  • To check your Airtel SMS balance, dial *778*6#.

Common FAQ

Airtel prepaid and postpaid minute offer balance check codes are the same?

No, the Airtel Minute balance check code is 7780#, and the Postpaid balance check code is *666#.

Can I get a minute offer using the USSD code?

Yes, if you dial *0#, you can see your available minute offer.

How to buy the Airtel Internet offer?

You can buy the Airtel Minute offer in two ways. First, use the My Airtel app. Secondly, dial a specific code or dial *4# to see your available internet offer.

How to get  Airtel emergency balance?

To get an Airtel emergency balance, minute, and internet, dial *141# or *8#.

What is the Airtel SMS balance check code?

To check your remaining SMS balance, dial 7786#


Dear Airtel users, in this article, we provide you with the Airtel minute balance check code, minute offers, and other important codes, along with a step-by-step guide. We believe that you understand all the processes easily. If the post is informative, please share it with your friends. If you have any Problem, feel free to comment below. Tech Dream 24  is ready to reply to your comment shortly.

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