GP Balance Check Code With All Important Code 2024

GP balance check code with all important code

You can easily check your Grameenphone balance by dialing a specific code. Today, we will learn about the GP balance check code and other important codes. If you are a Grameenphone user, then read this article carefully because all these codes are very important to you.

GP Balance Check Code 2024

As a Grameenphone user, we need to check our main balance many times. The GP balance check process is very easy. Grameenphone has provided a sort code to check the balance. If you know this code, then you can check your balance very easily, and if you don’t know, it will be very difficult.

  • To Check GP main account Balance dial  *566#

How to Use GP Balance Check Codes?

Balance check codes are usually a combination of numbers and symbols. Grameenphon has provided a short-digit code. If you check your main balance, then follow the instructions.

  • Open Your Dialer: Use your mobile phone dial app or dial menu, which you use to make calls.
  • Enter the code: Type in the balance check code. *566# 
  • Dial the code: Press the call button. Your phone will process the request.
  • View Your Balance: After a few seconds, you will get a message on your screen displaying your current balance.

Grameenphone Balance Check Using My GP APP

Dear user, you can also check your main balance using my GP app. If you have an internet connection, then this is an easy and hassle-free process for checking your main balance. If you use this app, you can also check your internet, phone, and SMS balances at the same time.

GP balance check with my GP app

How to Use My GP App

The My GP app is very easy to use. To install the My GP app on your phone, follow these steps:

  • Go to your phone’s Play Store.
  • Search for the My GP app and download it.
  • Once the download is complete, the app will install automatically.
  • After installation, sign up using your SIM number.

Once you have signed up, simply open the app to access all offers and view your SIM balance.

Grameenphone All Important Dial Code/ USSD Code

Grameen provides many important codes for its users. Using this code, we can also check the internet balance, minute balance, and SMS balance. Let’s see the all-important code for our regular use.

Topic USSD Code
Main Balance CheckDial :*566#*566*2#
Minute CheckDial: *1000*2# or *121*4*3# Or *121*1*2#
Remaining SMSDial: *566*2#
Remaining Minute OfferDial: *566*20#
MB CheckDial: *566*10#
Card Recharge CodeDial: *555*16 digit code*017××××××××#
International SMS CodeDial: *566*2#
Well Come Tune  BalanceDial: *566*3#
Remaining Internet offerDial: *121*1*4#
GP Mobile NumberDial: *2#
Emergency BalanceDial: *121*1*2#

GP Internet Balance Check Code

Sometimes, it becomes more important to check our GP internet balance. You can also check your internet balance using a dial code. So, we need to know the internet balance check code; otherwise, you can’t check with the dialing code. Get all GP Internet offer with dial Code

  • To check Grameenphone  remaining internet balance dial *121*1*4#

GP Minute offer Balance Check Code

We buy minute offers to talk at low cost. We can check the GP minute offer balance to see how many minutes we have left. If we know the Grameenphone minute offer USSD code, then we can easily check our remaining minute balance.

  • To check GP remaining talk time offer balance dial *566*20# or *1000*2# or *121*4*3# Or *121*1*2#

Banglalink balance check code

GP SMS Check code

We purchase SMS offers for various needs. Sometimes, it’s important to check. Otherwise, it costs extra money.

  • To check GP remaining SMS offer Dial *566*2# and see your SMS.

GP Own Number Check

Many times, we forget our new GP SIM number. As a new SIM, we can’t remember the number, which causes various problems. We regularly need this number for recharging and other important tasks. To avoid this problem, you can use the USSD code to check your mobile number any time.

  • To check our GP SIM number dial *2# and touch your calling button, and see your own GP mobile number

Final  Word

Dear Grameenphone users, Today we will cover the GP balance check code, along with all important dial codes and a step-by-step guide for each process. If you have any questions, please drop your comment below. We are ready to assist you very soon.

FAQ about Grameenphone Balance check

How to check GP main account balance?

To check your GP main account Balance Dial *566# and see your main account balance

How to get GP emergency balance?

If you want to get a GP emergency balance dial *1010*1#

How to check GP remaining minute offer balance?

To Check your remaining GP minute offer balance dial *1000*2# Or *121*4*3# Or *121*1*2#

What is the GP internet offer check Code?

To check your remaining internet data package dial *121*1*4#.

How to download My GP App?

My GP app download app download process is very simple. Go to your Android Play Store app and search MY GP app. When you see my GP and download option then you click the download button. After completing the download it automatically installs your phone.

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