Banglalink New SIM Offer 2024 Get Free 6 GB and 70 Minutes

banglalink New SIM offer

Banglalink New SIM offer: If you buy a Banglalink New SIM, you can get 3/6GB of instant data and 40/70 minutes totally free. You can also get free SMS and all the attractive offers for the next 12 months at a low price. All postpaid and prepaid users have enjoyed these offers for a long time. Dear upcoming or new BL users, In this article, we will discuss all the free and low-cost Banglalink New SIM offers with a dial code.

Banglalink New SIM offer 2024

Every year, Banglalink brings all their attractive offers to their new customers. When customers buy a new Banglalink SIM, they get free internet, free minutes, low call rates, and free SMS. Customers are more likely to buy a new SIM because of these great offers. For the benefit of all customers, today we discuss what offers Banglalink will bring in 2024 and how to use these offers.

Teletalk SIM offer

Banglalink New SIM Free Recharge offer

Now we talk about prepaid and postpaid new SIM offers. See the image below and know the recharge offer summary in 2024.

Banglalink New SIM Offer

Banglalink New SIM 48 Taka Recharge Offer

when you buy a New Banglalink SIM you can more free offer. All the offers that customers will enjoy are:

  • Main Account balance are 5 taka.
  • 69poisa/minute call rate any operator with out any tax ,validity 30 days.
  • Special call rate 10 seconds pals
  •  Instant  free 3 GB ( 2GB+1 GB toffee) validity 7 days.
  • Free talk time offer 40 Minutes for 7 days.
  • Pay- as you go internet 1taka/MB.

Internet or talk time offer check code Dial: 1211#

Banglalink New SIM 81 Taka Recharge Offer

When you buy a new BL SIM and recharge 81 taka, you can get a free bundle offer. Below are all the free offers:

  • Main Account balance are 5 taka.
  • 69poisa/minute call rate any operator with out any tax ,validity 30 days.
  • Special call rate 10 seconds pals
  •  Instant  free 6 GB ( 2GB+1 GB toffee) validity 7 days.
  • Free talk time offer 70 Minutes for 7 days.
  • Pay- as you go internet 1taka/MB.

Internet or talk time offer check code Dial: 1211#

Banglalink New SIM Recharge Offer 2024

When you buy a new Banglalink SIM, you can get some free bundle offers for your first recharge. Moreover, all new SIM users can get more recharge offers in the next three (03)  months. Customers can get talk-time recharge offers, internet offers, and SMS offers. Now, let’s check out the latest Banglalink new SIM recharge offer:

Recharge Amount/ TakaOffersValidity
27 taka45 Minutes7 Days
29 taka69p/minute call rate (any Operator)7 Days
49 taka1 GB7 Days
69 taka2 GB7 Days
99 taka4 GB7 Days
117 taka90 Minute30 Days
178 taka8 GB +100 Minutes30 Days
209 taka10 GB30 Days
 299 taka15 GB30 Days
 399 taka30 GB30 Days

Terms and Condition

  • Banglalink New SIM users can buy this offer
  • Customers can recharge exact amount or Dial *121*300# for get this offer
  • New customers can purchase these offers as many times as they want within the first 90 days of SIM activation.
  • Unused expired minutes or internet can’t be added to the next package.
  • Balance Check Dial Code: *121*1#

New SIM Activation Bonus

When you get new SIM you can get some activation bonus offer. Here is the offer below:

  • Pre-loaded recharge 5 taka.
  • 50 MB internet totally free
  • 10 SMS any local operator.

Banglalink New SIM offer  Check Code

Most of the customers don’t know the dial code after buying a new SIM. That’s why they can’t see the new SIM offers. But if you know all the dialing codes, then you can check all the unused offers.

In this section, we are learning about Banglalink’s new SIM offer code. The new SIM offer check code is 121300#. If you dial this code, you can check all unused offers and see all offers for you.

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Banglalink New SIM Offer 81 taka 10 GB 100 Minute

Currently, Banglalink is offering attractive offers on new SIM cards in Bangladesh for their new BL users. After new SIM activation, Banglalink always provides attractive offers for their new users. If you recharge only 81 taka on your new BL SIM, you can instantly get 10 GB of internet and 100 minutes of free talk time. New SIM users can avail of this offer for the next 11 months. 

Here is the 81 taka 10 GB  100 minute offer with code:

  • Instant 10 GB of Internet and a 100-minute free talk time bonus
  • Offer validation only for 7 days.
  • 89 poysa per minute call rate(including all tax) for any local operator offering validation for 30 days
  • Recharge 81 taka or dial *121*300#.

Banglalink New SIM offer 18 taka 2 GB with Dial Code

Are you a new Banglalink user. After the new SIM activation, if you recharge just 18 taka, you will get 2 GB of internet. You can purchase it once every month. You can use a total 22 GB of internet in 11 months.

BL 18 taka 2 GB Terms and Condition

  • 2 GB of internet (18 taka) use for all new Banglalink customers
  • 2 GB of internet duration only 7 days
  • The customer purchases it once per month.
  • Total purchase: 11 months and use of 22 GB of Internet
  • The user can purchase it by recharging 18 taka or dialing *121*300#.

Banglalink New SIM offer 2 GB Toffee 19 taka

If you are a Toffee user and using a new Banglalink SIM, then Banglalink is giving you 2 GB Toffee internet for just 19 taka. You can use this 2 GB of internet for 7 days. You can avail of this offer by purchasing your SIM until the age of 12 months.

  • Banglalink new SIM users can purchase these offers.
  • Offer validation for just 7 days.
  • Customers can purchase it by charging 19 taka or dialing *121*215# to get 2 GB Toffee internet.

Banglalink New SIM offer  for Postpaid

Banglalink provides attractive offers on new postpaid SIMs as well as for prepaid users. Many people buy postpaid SIMs for various reasons. For those of us who are going to buy a new postpaid SIM, let’s know what offers are there for the new postpaid SIM. See the table below and learn about the BL postpaid new SIM offers:

Offers  Price  Activation CodeValidity
50 minute 37 taka*121*37#3 days
1 GB + 15 minute44 taka*121*47#3 days
1.5 GB49 taka*121*49#3 days
90 minute57 taka*121*57#5 days
3 GB68 taka*121*68#3 days
120 minute74 taka*121*74#7 days
2 GB + 30 minute98 taka*121*98#7 days
10 GB149 taka*121*149#7 days
15 GB169 taka*121*169#7 days
200 minute157 taka*121*157#30 days
3 GB + 205 minute198 taka*121*198#30 days
25 GB (20+ 5 GB Toffee)199 taka*121*199#7 days
300 minute207 taka*121*207#30 days
600 minute367 taka*121*367#30 days
15 GB399 taka*121*399#30 days
30 GB 499 taka*121*499#30 days
50 GB 599 taka*121*599# 30 days
 840 minute 507 taka*121*507# 30 days

Terms & Condition

  • All Postpaid users can purchase these offer for 11 month
  • Customers can purchase it by recharging exact amount or using dial code.
  • These offer include all tax.
  • Offer check code: *5000*500#


Thanks to all new Baglalink users for reading this article. In this article, we cover all Banglalink new SIM offers, dial codes, and all terms and conditions. We think you can find your ideal offer and purchase it. If you need any help or information about the new BL SIM, feel free to comment below. Tech Dream 24 is always ready to assist you.

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