Best Banglalink SMS Pack 2024 for Daily Messaging

Banglalink SMS pack

Are you looking for a budget-friendly Banglalink SMS pack for daily communication? Banglalink also provides a low-priced SMS offer for its customers. Dear BL user, In this article, we will provide a low-priced BL one-day, two-day, three-day, 7 day, and 30 day SMS pack list with an accurate activation code. Read this article to choose your message package and easily purchase it using the USSD code.

Banglalink SMS Pack 2024

In Bangladesh, Banglalink is on of the best telecom services provider. Banglalink also offers SMS packs for its customers, similar to other telecom operators. Most mobile phone users prefer the Banglalink SIM SMS Pack due to its budget-friendly SMS package. Today we are presenting the latest update on 6 June 2024, the BL SMS pack and USSD code list.

Banglalink SMS Pack Price list with Dial Code

Buy the best Banglalink SMS pack deal and send more messages without spending extra money. Banglalink has come up with a cheap SMS offer for their regular SMS users. Most of the time, we didn’t know the SMS pack offer or USSD code. Here, we provide all the updated SMS offers, prices, and 100% accurate USSD codes so that you can purchase them hassle-free. Follow the table below, choose your budget-friendly SMS bundle, and purchase it using the given dial code.

SMS Pack Price Activation CodeValidity
30 SMS3 taka*121*1013#3 days
50 SMS7 taka*121*2*8#2 days
200 SMS15 taka*1100*8*2#15 days
 500 SMS 30 taka*1100*8*1# 30 days
120 SMS25 taka*121*2*8#7 days
250 SMS50 taka*121*2*8# 30 days
500 SMS75 taka*121*2*8#30 days

BL 30 SMS 3 Day

Banglalink 30 SMS pack for 3 days is the best offer for BL short-term SMS users. This short-term SMS price is only 3 taka. If you spend just 3 taka, then you can get a total  30  any net SMS packs.

  • To get 30 SMS for 3 days at 3 taka, dial *121*1013#.

GP SMS package offer list 

Banglalink 120 SMS for 7 Days

If you want to buy and use messages on a weekly basis, then you can purchase Banglalink 120 SMS pack at only 25 taka. Banglalink provides this offer for 7 days only.

  • To get 120 SMS for 7 days at 25 taka, dial *121*2*8#.

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BL 250 SMS Pack for 30 Days

Banglalink offers an excellent SMS pack for users who need more messages for the full month. The BL 200 SMS pack is perfect for regular message users. This Banglalink 250 SMS pack, valid for 30 days, costs only 50 taka.

  • To get 250 SMS for 7 days at 50 taka, dial *121*2*8#.

Banglalink 500 SMS For 30 Days Code

If you need more SMS for the full month, then Banglalin provides a great offer. The BL 500 SMS for 30 Days pack provides an opportunity to send 500 SMS in 30 days. If you buy this monthly SMS package, you must spend only 75 taka.

  • To get 500 SMS for 30 days at 75 taka, dial *121*2*8#.

How to activate BL SMS Pack?

BL SMS offer activate process is simple. You just need to complete few step. User can purchase BL SMS pack in two different ways. Follow the step below and purchase your text message offer.

Banglalink USSD/Acivation Code

Banglalink users can buy their SMS pack through a dial code. The good news for them is that if they remember just one code, they can buy all kinds of SMS offers. Let’s see how to use the USSD code.

Banglalink SMS pack dial code

  • First open your dial menu/or dial app.
  • Enter the USSD code carefully and press the call button. Your request is processed automatically.
  • After a few seconds, you will receive a confirmation SMS and instantly activate your SMS pack.


Using My BL App is one of the best ways to purchase an SMS package. If you use My BL App, you just need to open your app, go to your SMS offer option, select your pack, and purchase it easily and quickly.

BL SMS Pack Terms and Condition

  • All prepaid and postpaid users can purchase these offers.
  • Customers can avail of the offer as many times as they want.
  • This is a net SMS plan. The user can send it to any local operator.
  • The price includes all VAT, SD, and SC.

How to check BL SMS Balance?

Most of the BL users don’t know how to check their remaining SMS balance. The SMS balance check process is very simple. If you use the My BL app, you just need to open the My BL app to easily see your remaining SMS balance. Alternatively, you can check it using the dial code.

  • To check your remaining SMS balance dial *121*333#. I think it is the best way to check SMS offer balance.


Thanks to everyone for reading this article. In this post, you can get the updated Banglalink SMS pack price and activation code. If you use our SMS subscription method, then you can easily purchase your targeted SMS pack. If you have any questions, just comment below; we are ready to help you.

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