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GP minute offer 2024

The GP Minute Offer 2024 is a new plan to attract more customers and give them the best communication opportunity. The new Grameenphone Minute Offer 2024 plan is to improve connectivity, affordability, and convenience for users. In this article, you will read about the offer details, activation code, latest offer list, and buying process.

Attention: Grameenphone has changed all-minute offer prices and dial codes as of June 6, 2024. We have changed the dial code and price of all the offers after getting the update.

What is GP minute Offer 2024?

Grameenphone Minute Offer 2024 is an exclusive deal by Grameenphone that gives its users a huge amount of talk time at a very cheap rate. This offer is mainly designed for customers who make numerous calls every day. Grameenphone has lower prices for its minute offers, so users buy these minute packages for communication.

Benefits of GP Minute Offer

Grameenphone voice Offer 2024 is perfect for everyone who is interested in free communication without additional charges.  The Grameenphone voice offer has many benefits. Usually, it costs two to three taka per minute to talk without buying a minute package. If you purchase the minute offer, it costs 80–90 paisa per minute. So, users buy minute packages. Minute offers save a lot of money every day. It plays a huge role for Grameenphone users.

Type of Grameenphone Minute Package

Grameenphone has developed various minute offers tailored to the needs of its users, focusing on both quantity and validity. Here are the types of GP minute packages:

  • Short term minute offer ( It include few hours, 1 day, 2 day, 3 day , 4 day and 5 day)
  • Weekly Minute offer ( Validity only 7 days)
  • Monthly Minute offer ( Validity only 30 days).

GP Minute Price (Update 6 June 2024)

Grameenphone the number one telecom services provider update their minute price in 6 June 2024. According to government rule GP update their all minute, internet, and SMS package price. Below are the new GP minute pack list:

GP Minute offer latest update 6 June 2024

GP Short Term Minute offer

The GP Short-Term Minute Offer is a limited-time package. The validity of the short-term minutes offer is mainly a few hours, or one to five days. GP users purchase these offers for short-term communication. Short-term minute pack prices are generally much lower.

GP Minute Offer Code (1- 5 Days)

Are you looking for a short-validity talk time offer for your important needs? Now we are going to give you a one-day to 5-day Grameenphone voice offer list with an activation code:

Minute PackPrice Activation CodeValidity
10 Minute8 taka*121*4022#6 Hours
18 Minute15 taka*121*4001#12 Hours
20 Minute19 taka*121*4402#24 Hours
30 Minute24 taka*121*4402#24 Hours
45 Minute34 taka*121*4405#3 Day
80 Minute79 taka*121*4412#5 Days
110 Minute99 taka**121*99#5 Days
65 Minute54 taka*121*49#3 Days
50 Minute49 taka*121*49#3 Days
32 Minute29 taka*121*4405#2 Days

GP Minute Offer 7 Days With Dial C0de


Grameenphone users purchase 7-day minutes to meet their communication needs on a low budget. Grameenphone provides an attractive low-price offer for weekly minute pack users. Today, we are here with selected low-cost 7-day-minute offers from the Grameenphone official website and app. The table below contains the GP 7-day-minute offer list with activation codes. You can buy the offer according to your needs  from here.

Minute PackPrice Activation CodeValidity
130 Minute109 taka*121*109#7 Days
150 Minute129 taka*121*129#7 Days
210 Minute139 taka*121*139#7 Days

GP 30 Days Minute Offer list With Code

GP Minute offer 30 days with dial code

If you need to communicate with people far away for an entire month, Grameenphone offers low-cost monthly minute packages. These 30-day offers allow you to stay connected without worrying about high costs. Below is a list of Grameenphone affordable monthly minute packages, including the dial code. You can easily purchase a minute package by using the dial code.

Minute PackPrice Activation CodeValidity
200 Minute157 taka*121*4410#30 Days
330 Minute218 taka*121*4400#30 Days
375 Minute299 taka*121*299#30 Days
410 Minute348 taka*121*4409#30 Days
750 Minute498 taka*121*4657#30 Days
550 Minute379 taka*121*379#30 Days
800 Minute497 taka*121*497#30 Days
1150 Minute729 taka*121*729#30 Days
460 Minute319 taka*121*319#30 Days

GP Minute Package Terms and Condition

You must know the terms and conditions before purchasing any GP Minutes offer. Here are the terms and conditions for our given minute packages:

  • You can use these minute offers for all local operators.
  • Minute offer will be activated after receiving a confirmation SMS.
  • These minute offers include all VAT and tax.
  • You can purchase the offer by dialing the exact activation code.
  • All prepaid and postpaid users can purchase these offers at any time.
  • Minute offer balance check: *121*1*2#.

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How to Buy Grameenphone Minute offer?

The GP minute package purchasing process is very easy and simple. First, you can dial the exact minute offer activation code for the Buy Minute package. Second, you can use my GP app to purchase any minute offer. Third, you can visit the Grameenphone official website and purchase your targeted minute plan.

Click Here to Download:                                         My GP App

GP Minute offer check Code

Grameenphone remaining minute offer balance check code is 12112#. For this, you need to go to the dial option of your mobile phone, enter the correct code (12112#), and press the calling button to see your unused minutes.

  • To check GP remaining GP Minute dial, *121*1*2#

GP balance check Code

GP 10 Minute 8 taka

GP new update 10 minute talk time offer price is only 8 taka and offer validity for only 6 hours.

  • To get GP 10 Minute talk time offer dial *121*4022#.

GP 100 Minute Talk Time offer

If you need 100 minute talk time offer for 7 days. You can buy this pack using flexiplan app. This offer dial code is are not available at this moment.

  • To get a GP 100-minute offer, use the GP Flexiplan app. The 100-minute, 7-day validity offer price is only 91 taka.
  • To get a GP 100-minute offer, use the GP Flexiplan app. The 100-minute, 30-day validity offer price is only 101 taka.

GP 200 Minute 7 Days Pack

Now the GP 200-minute talk time offer is closed. You can buy the 210-minute talk time offer now and enjoy talk time for 7 days. The 210-minute voice offer price is only 139 taka.

  • To get a GP 210-minute talk time offer for 7 days, dial *121*139#. 


Dear Grameenphone users, in this article we provide the latest low-priced Grameenphone minute offers with an activation code. We hope you find your ideal minute offer in this post. If you need more information about the Grameenphone talk time offer, validity, and buying process, feel free to comment below. The Tech Dream 24 team is ready to assist you.

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