GP Minute offer 30 Days with Code। Buy at Low Price

GP minute offer 30 days

GP minute offer 30 days, Are you looking for the new GP 30 days minute offer list with an activation code for purchasing a monthly minute package? Stop your Google search! In this post, you can learn about the latest Grameen phone 30-day minute offer list and dial codes with an activation code.

Grameenphone (GP) is the number one telecom services provider in Bangladesh. Most GP users buy 30-day offers to communicate on mobile phones. Today we are presenting all the low-budget 30 day minute offers. You can easily purchase your required minute offers from here through the recharge exact amount or dial code.

GP Minute Offer 30 days (Update 6 June 2024)

The country’s number 1 mobile network operator, Grameenphone, has changed its minute offer price and activation code in 2024. So the minute offers can no longer be purchased at the previous price. Like all offers, Grameenphone has changed the dial code and amount for the 30-day minutes.

Today, we are presenting all the updated monthly minutes offers, prices and dial codes from Grameenphone official website and app. This information will help you easily buy minute offers.

GP 30 Days Minute Offer Code list 2024

Dear Grameenphone user, We are excited to provide you with the updated GP 30 day minute offer activation code list for 2024. We collected all the monthly minute offers from the Grameenphone official website. From this list, you can get low-priced minute offers for 30 days.

Below the list, you can choose your desired 30-day  offer and enjoy the full month.

Minute PackPrice ValidityActivation Code
200 Minute157 taka30 Days*121*4410#
330 Minute218 taka30 Days*121*4400#
375 Minute299 taka30 Days*121*299#
410 Minute348 taka30 Days*121*4409#
550 Minute379 taka30 Days*121*379#
1150 Minute729 taka30 Days*121*729#
460 Minute319 taka30 Days*121*319#

GP 30 Days Minute offer Terms and Condition

Check the terms and conditions before buying Grameenphone 30 day minute offer.

  • Recharge exact amount or Dial  targeted USS code to purchase these offer.
  • The offer will start after receiving the confirmation SMS.
  • Tax and Vat are include the offer.
  • Grameenphone reserves the right to cancel the offer at any time.

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Get 100 Minutes of Talk Time for 30 Days – Special Offer!

Get a GP 100-minute talk time offer valid for 30 days for only 101 taka. Stay connected with your family, friends, and colleagues. After GP minute offer update the previous USSD code may be can’t work.

  • To activate GP 100 Minute talk time offer for 30 days using flexiplan app.

GP 200 Minute offer for 30 days code

Are you looking for a GP 200-minute talk time offer for 30 days? Grameen Phone has come up with a 200-minute offer for just 157 taka. Buy the offer and talk to your friends, colleagues, and colleagues for 1 month hassle-free.

  • To get GP 200 Minute talk time offer for 30 days using flexiplan app.

GP 375 Minute offer for 30 days code

Now the GP 350 Minute are closed. You can get now 375 minute offer at 299 taka. It’s the best monthly plan for regular talk time users.

GP 350 Minute 30 days offer


  • GP 375 Minute talk time 299 taka
  • Offer validity 30 days
  • To get 375 minute talk time offer dial *121*299#

Not: If you want to buy the GP 300-minute offer, you can buy the offer using My GP app  Flexiplan for 199 taka.

GP 500 Minute offer 30 days

Are you looking for a GP 500-minute offer? You can buy this offer using only  My GP app. The package price is only 338taka. The GP 500-minute offer is valid for 30 days.

GP 500 Minute 30 day

GP 550 Minute offer 30 Days Code

Grameen Phone has come up with a 550-minute offer for 30 days of hassle-free talk. GP 550-minute package price is only 379 taka.

  • To get 350 Minute talk time offer for 30 days dial *121*379#

Grameenphone 1000 Minute offer 30 Days

Grameenphone’s 1000-minute offer is the best package for heavy GP users. You can buy this offer from my GP app for only 634 taka. You will need to use the My GP app to purchase this offer. The offer validation is 30 days.

GP 1150 Minute offer 30 Days With Code

The Grameenphone 1150-minute offer is special for the heavy minute user. GP provides this minute offer at a low price. The GP1150-minute offer price is only 729 taka and is valid for 30 days.

  • To get GP 1150 Minute talk time offer for 30 days, dial *121*729#

How to Buy GP 30 Days Minute offer?

Grameenphone minute offer purchasing process is vey simple. Dial the exact USSD code, recharge exact amount or use MY GP app for purchasing 30 day minute offer easily.

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Dear GP Minute user, thanks for reading this article. In this post, we cover the GP 30 days Minute offer code list, and the activation process. If you face any problems activating the minute pack, feel free to comment below. We try to reply to your comment as soon as possible. Stay connected with us and get updates on all SIM offers at a low price.

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