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GP SMS Pack 7 Days

Buy the best GP SMS Pack 7 Days Deal, send more texts without spending extra money, and stay connected for the full month via text message. Are you looking to send more text messages to your friends cheaply? Grameenphone offers an affordable 7-day SMS package. Today we talk about the latest update GP 7 day SMS offer list with dial code and a step-by-step buying process.

GP SMS Pack 7 Days list & Code

We always buy a GP weekly SMS package to message friends. Most of the time, we buy SMS packs, spending extra money because we don’t know the low price offer. Grameenphone always provides affordable 7-day SMS offers for their customers. Now, we will discuss the list of GP weekly SMS packages and their activation codes. You can easily choose and buy your desired SMS offer from these lists.

SMS Pack Price ValidityUSSD Code
50 SMS16 taka7 days*121*16#
100 SMS27 taka7 days*121*27#
200 SMS47 taka7 days*121*47#

GP 50 SMS 7 Day

The GP 50 SMS 7-Day Pack offers you 50 SMS, which you can use within 7 days. The special SMS pack price is only 16 taka.

GP 50 SMS 7 day

  • To activate the GP 50 SMS 7-Day Pack, simply dial *121*16#.

GP 100 SMS For 7 Days

Grameenphone (GP) offers an excellent SMS pack for users who need more messages within a week. The GP 100 SMS 7-Day Pack offers you 100 SMS, which you can use for 7 days. For GP 100, any net SMS price is only 27 taka.

  • To activate the GP 100 SMS for a 7-day validity package, simply dial *121*27#.

Grameenphone 200 SMS 7 Days

If you need higher number of SMS per week then Grameenphone provides a great offer for you. The GP 200 SMS for 7 Days pack provides an opportunity to send 200 SMS in 7 days. This pack is ideal for users who have many text messages to send and they would want it to be at a cheaper price. The SMS pack price is only 47 taka.

  • To get GP 100 SMS offer for 7 days, simply dial *121*47#

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GP Short Term SMS offer with Code

Grameenphone also provides some short-term SMS packages for their customers. The validity of these messages is 3 days. Let’s know the SMS offer and its dial code.

  • To get a GP 50 SMS for 3 days at 13 taka, simply dial *121*13#.
  • To get GP 100 SMS for 3 days at 23 taka, simply dial *121*23#.
  • To get GP 200 SMS for 3 days at 42 taka, simply dial *121*42#

GP SMS Pack  Terms and Condition

When you purchasing and using GP SMS packs, it’s important to understand the terms and conditions. Here are the main points you need to know:

  • All prepaid and postpaid users can purchase the SMS pack at any time.
  • This is any net SMS pack (you can use it for any local operator).
  • All VAT and tax are included.
  • Auto-renewal is applicable.
  • GP can update the SMS price and code at any time.

How to Buy GP 7 Days SMS Pack

The GP SMS pack purchasing process is very easy. You can purchase it using two different methods. The first method is using a dial code, and the second method is using the GP Flexiplan App.

Dial Code

Using a dial code is one of the best methods for purchasing SMS. Both GP button phone users and smartphone users can use this method easily.

Flexiplan APP

The Flexiplan app is the best option for purchasing the SMS package. If you use this method, you can easily purchase any SMS bundle pack. Download the app and purchase the SMS offer easily. See full Flexiplan app use process.

Download Flexiplan app

GP 7 days SMS pack Check Process

If you want to check your remaining SMS offer, you can do it in two ways. If you have a smartphone, you can check it using the MyGP app. If you don’t have an internet connection, simply dial 1211*2#.

  • To check your remaining Grameenphone SMS offer using a USSD code, dial *121*1*2#.


Thanks to everyone for reading this article. Today we cover the latest GP 7 days SMS pack offer list with an activation code. I think you can choose your targeted SMS bundle offer from this article. If you have more questions, then comment below; we are ready to assist you.

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