Get Your GP SKitto SIM Internet Offer 2024 at a Low Price!

 GP SKitto SIM Internet Offer

Purchase the low-priced GP Skitto SIM internet offer and enjoy hassle-free high-speed internet browsing for 3 days, 7 days, or a full month. Nowadays, many people buy the Grameenphone SIM Skito package to get the best internet service at a low cost. But most customers don’t know about the Skitto SIM internet price. That’s why today we are going to provide Skitto SIM data offer prices and a step-by-step activation process.

Skitto SIM Internet Offer 2024

Skitto SIM is an app-based SIM for Grameenphone. Grameenphone always keeps the internet prices low in this package, making it especially popular among students. Currently, Skitto SIM offers 3-day, weekly, and monthly internet services. Skitto SIM is the most popular SIM for internet browsing in the country.

Skitto SIM Internet Package Price 2024

According to the new budget for Bangladesh, Grameenphone has slightly increased the internet prices for their Skitto package. However, compared to other telecom operators, Skitto SIM internet charges remain lower. Below, we provide a list of all low-priced GP Skitto SIM data packages, along with their validity periods.

Internet OfferPrice Validity
150 MB9 taka3 Days
1 GB32 taka3 Days
1.5GB43 taka3 Days
 2 GB 57 taka 3 Days
4.4 GB68 taka3 Dyas
 6 GB 78 taka 3 Days
8 GB89 taka3 Days
10 GB 98 taka 3 Days
 5.7 GB 90 taka 7 Days
 8 GB 107 taka 7 Days
 20 GB 148 taka 7 Days
 25 GB 177 taka 7 Days
1 GB50 taka 30 Days
2 GB76 taka 30days
3 GB100 taka 30 Days
5 GB150 taka 30 Days
 6 GB 197 taka 30 Days
 10 GB249 taka 30days
 8 GB 199 taka 30 Days
 16 GB289 taka 30 Days
23 GB389 taka 30 Days

Skitto Bundle Internet Offer

Skitto SIM bundle internet offer


If you are a Skitto user, you can enjoy low-cost internet bundle offers. Skitto always provides affordable minutes and internet packages for their customers. Below is the bundle offer (internet + minutes) price list.

Internet +MinutePrice Validity
15 GB+ 200 Minute208 taka7 days
5GB+  150 Minute159 taka7 days
2 GB+  50 Minute55 taka7 days
5 GB+ 200 Minute184 taka30 days
8 GB+ 300 Minute279 taka30 days
22GB+350 Minute379 taka30 days
40 GB+500 Minute548 taka30 days
55GB+1ooo Minute999 taka30 days

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How to Buy Skitto SIM Internet Package?

Dear Customer, You must know that Skito is an app-based sim. All activities on this SIM are done through the app, so there is no separate dial code to purchase the Skitto Internet offer. If you want to buy an internet package, you can go to the Skito app and buy the internet offer of your choice.

Download SKitto App

Skitto Internet Offer Check Code

Skito SIM has a dial code to check internet balance, even though all operations are done through the app. If you want to check your Skitto internet balance, you can use this USSD code.

  • To check your remaining Skitto internet balance simply dial *121*1*3#
  • To check your main account balance dial *121*1#


Thanks to everyone for reading this article. In this article, we provide a recently updated Skitto internet offer, its price list, and the activation process. We collected all internet offers from the Skitto mobile app and official website. If you need any difficult information about Skitto SIM, please comment below. We are ready to assist you soon.

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